Friday, 1 January 2016

I groomed all the trails this morning.
 The trails rate from good at the parking lot to excellent up at the upper warming hut(Bucky).
 With an average of good to very good on the lower trails
Also Val’s 3rd annual Valentine’s day fondue is coming up next month. Please see details below.

Ken Butt

K.O.R.S. is again looking forward to hosting our 3rd Valentine's Day
Chocolate Fondue celebration on Sunday Feb 14/16 between 2pm and 5pm.
Members of K.O.R.S. and Kaslo Trailblazers Society have priority seating
privileges until Jan. 18/16 after which the invitation is open to the public.
Member reservations paid by Jan 18/16 are $12/plate thereafter all reservations
are $14/plate. Kids eating off their parents plates continue to be free. We will
also have hot chocolate and the fire pit going for the general public so feel free
to join us for an afternoon of skiing and socializing.
Please remember that due to the high cost of fruit and limited space we have no
choice but to make this a Mandatory Reservation Required event.
Please call Val to book 250 353 2168

Book early and don't be disappointed.

Thankyou Val Koenig