Saturday, 10 December 2016

Hi All
A lot of you have been wondering about the condition of the Nordic area. We have roller packed it twice now . This was more to stay ahead of the snow on the higher trails , rather than needing it on the lower trail.
The parking lot to the equipment shed is marginal at best, people have been skiing on it (with their beater skis)and walking on it ( if they like their skis) .
The track from the equipment shed to the prayer flags is just packed , the snow is still too thin in my opinion , but some hardy souls have been out.
The conditions  from the prayer flags and on are passable at the prayer flags to pretty good at Bucky.
We will not be track setting until there is enough snow on the lower trail.
Have a good evening.

Sunday skiers
There are some of us going up to Retallack tomorrow , leaving from the Community Garden at 10:00 if you are interested.

Thank you
Ken Butt