Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year everyone,
We have had a very good season so far, with the snow and temperatures as close to perfect as I have ever experienced.
Good to see so many of you have been out and enjoying the season.

Unfortunately, that has also brought out more off-leash dog encounters.
The last one resulted in a skier injured by collision with an over enthusiastic dog on the large hill.
 Luckily it wasn’t too serious and only their knee was injured and they recovered fairly quickly from it.

We do not want someone seriously injured  which could quite easily happen if you were forced over the trail edge into the trees with a dog rushing up to see you.

Please keep your dog on a leash short enough to keep them in on your side of the trail if you are in the “on leash” part of our Nordic track system
This is especially important if you are on  one of the steeper hills.

Revised Map

There are 10 K of on leash set track  and 2.5 K of off leash set track which you can extend to 6 K if you want to go over the sandpit hill.
With all the snow this year, people have been tracking out from Kaslo.

We are working on improved maps and signage. In the mean time,  please respect everyone’s right to as safe a ski as possible.

Ken Butt