Thursday, 28 December 2017

Kaslo Nordic Ski Area Etiquette and Grooming Guidelines

Kaslo Nordic Ski Area Etiquette and Grooming Guidelines

If you are snowshoeing or walking please avoid stepping or walking on the set ski tracks.

Up hill skiers should give way to down hill skiers by stepping out of the tracks. Also please step out of the tracks for waxing, resting etc.

Please...for skier safety and courtesy…..Dogs on short leash on the BLUE trail to the warm-up/equipment shed. Dogs off leash go on the GREEN trail to the east of the shed. Skiers only on the RED trail to the west/north of the shed (refer to attached trail map). The combination of fast moving skiers on hills and dogs can cause collisions resulting in potential skier and dog injury. If there are cars in the parking lot when you arrive with your dog, you should travel east on the Green trail to avoid potential collisions.

Pick up or flick dog poop off the trail area. No one likes brown wax on their skis!

Dogs walking on the ski tracks (especially if freshly groomed and set) break the set tracks apart.

Thanks, and Happy Trails

Tom Duchastel, President
Kaslo Outdoor Recreation and Trails Society
and The Volunteer Trail Groomers