Sunday, 4 March 2018

Hi All
I am just back from skiing this morning , and after talking to a few skiers out there, I wanted to clarify my Nordic report of yesterday.
 While the tracks are in good to very good conditions. The speed and slipperiness will vary dramatically during the day.
 In Spring  Skiing expect the track to be very slippery and very fast in the mornings , or when the temperature is below freezing.
 One skier reported going from the prayer flag to the equipment shed in 10 min or an average of 24 KPH and was scary.

At 11:am the tracks are still very fast as it isn’t as warm today.

As the temperature passes through zero expect sticking and slower speeds. Above about 2C the stickiness will disappear and the conditions will be very nice. I’m sure you all know this , but wanted to make sure that you know that the track speed will vary a lot during the day.
Have fun , but be safe